There are four main shopping centres in Aktau; The Aktau Mall, The Astana, The Ardager and The Schum. There are also two big markets selling all kinds of fruit and vegetables plus there are meat and fish stalls around the sides of the markets.  There are also many small shops to investigate when you are here which are far too numerous to list!

 The Aktau Mall

The Aktau Mall is the biggest and the newest centre. There is an ice-rink in the basement surrounded by various coffee shops and restaurants, of a fast food style. On the other floors there are numerous shops, mostly boutiques selling many different styles of clothing, shoes and handbags. There is an electrical store and also a computer store.  For all your beauty needs, there is a large Beautymania store.

The biggest grocery store is in the Aktau Mall and it is called BioMart (Currently under renovation with minimal stock).  In this store, you will find most of your weekly shopping needs. There is a meat counter, bread and pastry counter, and a cheese and pre-prepared foods counter.

Also in the Aktau Mall, you will find a large selection of recreational facilities including; swimming pool, gym and ten pin bowling to name a few. (More details on the recreation page).

Brand names like : Kotton, Defacto and LCWaikiki are new addition to retail experience, that have reasonable price clothing options for kids, men and women. A new Pandora store has just come up. Sports Stores from Adidas and Nike are available. Keep an eye for regular discounts and sale. The Empire store on the ground level, has a good collection of quality souvenirs and gift items.

The Astana

The Astana is located near the waterfront.  In the Astana, you can find a variety of clothing boutiques, shoe stores and beauty product stores.  On the main level, there are many electronic stands where you can purchase mobile phones/accessories, computer accessories and cameras.

One of the best the grocery stores in Aktau can be found in the Astana; the City Market.  This store carries the largest selection of imported products, breads/pastries and deli meats in Aktau. It is open 24/7.

In the Astana, there is also a small food court on the main floor, near entrance  If you go to the top floor, you will find the Napoli restaurant as well as an arcade and a children’s playarea. An elaborate Kids toy and clothing store is available – Ranobil with a new Kids entertainment section next to it.

Kari has a good shoe and kids shop on the first floor along with other small stores for clothes and shoes.

Beauty mania has a large outlet in the ground floor.Several mobile accessory stores are also available.

The Salon at the back on the ground floor has good service for all hair and spa treatments

The Ardager

The Ardager is located walking distance from the Renaissance Hotel, with a large grocery store Ram Store, a Turkish chain, providing a large selection of shopping options

Aside from the grocery store, you will find clothing boutiques, shoe stores and jewelry stands.  There are also a number of restaurants attached to the Ardager including Fuento and Burger King.

There are several flower shops in Ardegar with fresh flowers and decorative bouquets for sale.

The Schum

Located near The Shamrock Irish Pub, the Schum is a large shopping centre that is divided into two sections: the old Schum and the new Schum.

If you are looking to purchase souvenirs to take back home, the old Schum is the place to go.  In addition to souvenir shops, you can find a variety of different items from household goods, to clothes, shoes and jewelry.  There is also a small grocery store that can only be accessed from outside.

The new Schum is smaller than the old Schum, and there you can find clothing boutiques, handbag shops and a large selection of electronic items.

Volna Market

Walking into the Volna market is an experience you don’t want to miss.  Upon entry, you will see a number of stands selling household goods, cleaning products and clothes.  Beyond these stands, you will enter the main shopping area where you will find an array of fresh fruit and vegetables all year-long.  Be sure to explore the surrounding mini stores as well to find fresh bread, cheese and a selection of meat.

At the back of the Volna market, just outside the main shopping area, you will also find a small grocery store that carries a mix of local and imported products.

The Yellow Market

The Yellow Market gets its name from the fact that it is in a massive yellow building that is divided into different shopping areas.  In one area, you will find household goods and furniture, in another you will find clothing and shoe stores, and in the last section you will find the farmer’s market.  At the farmer’s market, you can purchase fresh fruit and vegetables, bread, meat, cheese and other food products.


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