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Costa’s Cafe.
Costa's cafe

February 2011

Finally, after months of watching the building, Costa’s has finally opened its doors to the public. It’s situated beside Fuento restaurant near to the Ardager Shopping Center.

Serves: Various hot drinks – cappuccino, hot chocolate, teas. Cold drinks – juices, beers and cocktails.

Food: Panni, pizza, pancakes, various international dishes. Cakes and pastries too!

A personal experience. I went with friends for Sunday morning pancakes. We had various pancakes with various fillings, americano coffee, hot chocolate (black) and their coco. The atmosphere was relaxed and it was a pleasant Sunday morning experience. I had a pancake with chicken, mushroom and cheese which was good. The other fillings; ham and egg, sausage and egg and plain were all enjoyed. The coco was excellent and served in a hand hugging mug – just right for a cold morning! I will definitely be back as Costa’s is a good place to meet friends, chat and watch the world go by.

A Scottish evening at Ellis.

Scottish evening

Friday 11th February.

As a ‘taster’ to the ‘Burn’s Night’ on the 12th February, the band and dancers performed at Ellis on the night of 11th February. All the tables were full and the atmosphere was brilliant! The band played a variety of Scottish music, the two dancers did some Scottish dancing and the piper played a good few tunes on his bag-pipes. The audience was encouraged to try a few Scottish dances; Strip the Willow and a Gay Gordons were the two I saw (and participated in). It was great fun and exhausting! The audience there was a mixed crowd locals and expats and their appreciation of the band, piper and dancers was over whelming. The crowd certainly let them know that their efforts were enjoyed. We left at 11:30 and they were still going strong! It was a great night with a very talented group of people entertaining us.

For more photos of the Scottish evening click on the link to our Aktau Photo album and enjoy!


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